Ask Gov. Brewer to let Arizonans shop for health insurance in other states

Dear Arizona AAPS members and friends,

Please call Governor Brewer on Monday ask her to sign SB 1593 and
promote health care freedom. To send Gov. Brewer an email, use her web
contact page:

The phone number for Gov. Brewer’s office is (602) 542-1361.

You can read more about this important issue at the Americans for Prosperity website.


Please also read the below note from Arizona Senator Nancy Barto.

Dear Friends,

It is time to act!

If we are going to address the very real problems in health care
without more government “solutions”, which inevitably lead to the unholy
alliance of:

  • less control over your health care
  • less quality health care
  • and all of this at higher costs to taxpayers –

…we must enact free market solutions such as SB 1593.   SB 1593
dramatically increases the number of insurance options for Arizonans,
and is a big step in the right direction.  The battle is not over,
however.  Having passed the Legislature on Thursday – the bill awaits
Governor Brewer’s signature and lobbyists are out in force urging a

Click here  to read more from Americans for Prosperity on this issue and to call the Governor to urge her to sign the bill.

Quote of the Day:  “The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen.”

Dennis Prager, Radio talk show host

Thank you!