5 ways to help stop ObamaCare in Arizona

Please read this important message from our friends at Americans For Prosperity Arizona


To all Arizona Taxpayers and Health Care Consumers:

Arizona’s 2012 Legislative Session is officially over, but our Legislators’ work is not yet done. Legislators have until 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 18 to sign the Arizona Health Care Freedom Pledge to stop Governor Jan Brewer from setting up an ObamaCare insurance exchange in Arizona. Listed below are five things YOU can do to stop ObamaCare in Arizona.

If the U.S. Supreme Court does not strike down the ENTIRE corpus of the ObamaCare legislation (not just the individual mandate) the federal takeover of health care will march onward, making health care more expensive and less accessible, and stifling medical innovation through huge new tax and regulatory burdens.

Unfortunately, Gov. Jan Brewer is helping the bureaucratic beast of ObamaCare to survive, by spending $30 million of your federal tax dollars to set up an ObamaCare health insurance exchange in Arizona. The exchange is a new bureaucracy that will soon require tens of millions of dollars annually in new surcharges, fees and/or taxes on Arizona families and businesses.

Five things YOU can do to STOP ObamaCare in Arizona

1) Click here to urge your Legislators to sign the Arizona Health Care Freedom Pledge (our email action system will also send thank-you emails to Legislators who have already signed the Pledge).

2) Look out for the June release of AFP-Arizona’s 2012 Legislative Scorecard. Our statewide postcard mailers about the Scorecard will let constituents know whether or not their Legislators signed the Health Care Freedom Pledge by the May 18 deadline.

3) Get educated about the Arizona ObamaCare insurance exchange. Start by reading our Fraudulent Claims document, about the misinformation the insurance company lobbyists are telling your Legislators.  Also, please take 90 seconds to watch AFP-Arizona’s new web ad and meet Arizona’s ObamaCare Czar.

4) Click HERE to see a list of the Arizona Legislators who have already signed the Pledge, and use our email action system to send thank-you emails to the signers.

5) Get ready to fight the ObamaCare exchange in a special legislative session in September, if Gov. Brewer persists in trying to set up an exchange here in Arizona.

Nationwide, health care freedom activists are winning the battle to stop the imposition of ObamaCare exchanges in the States. But we must win in every State, including Arizona.

AFP-Arizona is asking all Arizona Legislators to sign the Pledge by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 18. Legislators who fail to sign the Pledge are leaving the door open to the imposition of an ObamaCare exchange in Arizona–and harming the prospects for the repeal of ObamaCare.

For Liberty,

Tom Jenney
Arizona Director
Americans for Prosperity
[email protected]
(602) 478-0146