ObamaCare: Poison Pill or Magic Cure?

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Senator Frank Antenori and Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet M.D.


For a discussion on:

ObamaCare:  Poison Pill or Magic Cure?

The recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings on Obamacare will have a significant impact on the financial and economic health of AZ. ObamaCare affects your medical care and choice of treatment options, your prescription medicine, your medical privacy, and the personal relationship you currently enjoy with your doctor.

To many the Supreme Court ruling is complex and confusing. To help clarify the rulings and their impact on the State of Arizona and your family please join Senator Antenori and Doctor Vliet.

Wilmot Library
530 N. Wilmot Road

Wednesday, Aug 22nd, 6 – 8 pm

Call 235-2234 for additional details.

This past Sunday on KVOI 1030AM, Dr. Vliet and Senator Antenori discussed how the ObamaCare state and federal insurance exchanges undermine liberty.  In case you missed it click here or on the below video to hear their conversation about this important topic.

Learn more about Senator Antenori and his campaign for reelection in 2012 athttp://www.Vote4Frank.com.

Learn more about Dr. Vliet at http://herplace.com/drv/bio.php.

ObamaCare Exchanges Undermine Liberty

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