Town Hall Sept 22, Tucson

If you missed the earlier town halls with Dr. Vliet – due to popular demand, another one is scheduled for Saturday September 22.

You are invited!

10am to Noon, Wilmot Library, Please join

Senator Frank Antenori and Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet M.D.

For a discussion on:

ObamaCare:  Poison Pill or Magic Cure?

The recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings on Obamacare will have a significant impact on the financial and economic health of AZ. ObamaCare affects your medical care and choice of treatment options, your prescription medicine, your medical privacy, and the personal relationship you currently enjoy with your doctor.To many the Supreme Court ruling is complex and confusing. To help clarify the rulings and their impact on the State of Arizona and your family please join Senator Antenori and Doctor Vliet.
Wilmot Library
520 N Wilmot Rd
Saturday, September 22, 10:00am – NOON

More information from Senator Antenori’s about the forces aligned against medical freedom in Arizona:

“In 2009 the Arizona legislature referred an initiative to the ballot to protect your medical decisions and keep them between you and your doctor.  The initiative was called the Health Care Freedom Act, Proposition 106, and you approved it.  Then the legislature passed legislation to allow you to purchase health insurance across state lines. Unfortunately the bill was vetoed.

On Monday, August 13th, the AZ Republic reported that “two key advisers to Gov. Jan Brewer are attempting to create a coalition of hospitals, insurance plans, providers, and other players to push Arizona to expand Medicaid under federal health-care reform.”  The complete article is titled, “Brewer advisers form health pact to push to expand Medicaid.”

Senator Antenori on the Garret Lewis show fully explains what these health pacts will mean to you and your medical decisions.

This is just one reason that solid conservatives are needed in the State Legislature – to protect you from the negative impact of Obamacare.  You need to be informed.   Your family, your community, your state, and your country depend on it.

Please bring  a friend and join Senator Antenori at an upcoming event.  And if you can:


 DONATE $25 or $50 TO SAVE OUR STATE !! 

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